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We love to have fun, travel and enjoy life. That is why we do what we do!

Travellers will forget what we say in our ADs, they will also forget what we do in our promotions, but they will never forget how we make them feel.

we give you the best


Just like they say that there is nothing in a caterpillar will tells it will be a butterfly one day, our journey from G(garage) to MG Road, has been much the same. We have reached a defining moment, from where we started 4 years ago, and every second has been filled with joy and passion to serve each and every customer by hand holding them all the way through their journey.

Profitable in all the years, we draw our inspiration from a young energetic geek squad  whose mission is to bring value to our customers, by passing our savings to them, through a solid bootstrapped business model.

An unflinching and cheerful attitude to provide the best service defines our culture.

  • 2014-15: Started with SMEs and grew quickly signing up several of them. Key area of focus was to provide an amazing experience
  • 2015-16: Expanded our footprint in the SME/Corporate sector by establishing a retail clinic to exceed traveller needs.
  • 2016-17: Added the holiday vertical for B2C customers providing customized packages for various segments such as Honeymoon, Adventure, Religious, Sports, differently-abled etc
  • 2017-18: Licensed by IATA, moved into B2C retail for Air, Hotel and other travel products. Fullfilment through our call centre.
  • 2018-19: Expanded to B2B segment and also established “reverse-auction” where a customer’s request is sent to several agents and the best bid is given to the customer. Opened office in Colombo.

What we Do

Our Portfolio of services

Air Travel

We cover all domestic and international sectors both inbound and outbound.


Visa, Insurance, Car, Forex, Airport Transfers, Conceirge services are all covered to ensure your journey is hassle free.

HotelS, Villas

We have special contracts with hotels and cottage villas in several destinations.


Offline deals provide more value. deals. We auction your request to 1000’s of agents and provide the best price at your doorstep.


Unbeatable customized Holiday packages to all the vacation spots across the world.


We arrange corporate / group meetings and conferences blending work & leisure at signature locales.

the peformance

Our Stats

Custom Packages

Listen to what our customers have to say

Service was very good and hassle free. Surely will travel again with PaintmyTrip.
Abhirup Chakraborty
Abhirup Chakraborty
Paint My trip Team— Great Job!! Thanks for arranging our Bali trip and customising it for us as per our needs!! Cheers!!!
Alok sargod
Alok sargod
Paintmytrip turned out to be my best option while making a corporate ticket booking for around 150 people in my function at Google. The communication was quite seamless and the constant support provided was extremely helpful. Would definitely go back to them for future travel needs
Noaman Ahmed
Noaman Ahmed
Excellent customer service, helped with last minute changes, these guys know how to deliver great travel experiences
Amila Jayawardena
Amila Jayawardena
Right place to plan your trip, very competitive pricing and good deals. Very informative and experienced staff.
Mohammed Zuheb
Mohammed Zuheb
Was a memorable honeymoon trip to mauritius organized perfectly by Ms. Seema. Everything seemed to be perfect and as per itinerary. Will definitely recommend family and friends; also will look forward to paint my trip for any further trips.
Thanks a lot..
Divesh Kothari
Divesh Kothari
Awesome place to plan your trip. SEEMA is the person you should look for, for a Hassel free trip with best possible deals…this has become my default gateway for my trip bookings.
Santoshkumar HD
Santoshkumar HD
Our Mauritius trip booked through paint my trip was a wonderful experience altogether. They are reliable and efficient. Since we had 8 days trip, we had requested for sightseeing every alternate days. However when we actually checked with the local agency( seaside holidays) it was not complied with, though the same was confirmed and agreed before we left from India.Paint my trip was quick to reply and assured us that the issue will be sorted.unfortunately the local agency did not agree.Rest of the things were very well taken care of. Paint my trip will remain my first choice for my future holidays.
Vicky Gonsalves
Vicky Gonsalves
Wonderful organizing by paintmy trip.Executive Seema was very helpful and responsive.I am very happy about the trip Everything went as per itinerary.All the arrangements were as mentioned during the booking phase.Thank you seema and paint my trip for the wonderful trip.would surely recommend.
Arun Niranjan
I had recently enjoyed the services of Paintmytrip on the recommendation of my friend for a trip to Mauritius .They were very spontaneous in processing your request .I had confirmed my entire itinerary in just 4 hours.Seemabhanu was available all the time to heed your concerns.She was fantastic in guiding and providing you all the required information. I feel confident in suggesting them to my friends.
Thank u Seema for your contribution to my memorable trip.Cheers to u & ur team !
Sai Prasanth
Sai Prasanth
Excellent pricing on both air tickets and hotel bookings . We got the best deals for all our preferred hotels and their suggestions exceeded all expectations. Their combination of brilliant service and flexibility makes them a force to reckon with! Do contact them for your next holiday requirements!
Nach M
Nach M
Wonderful organizing by paintmy trip.Executive Seema was very helpful and responsive.I am very happy about the trip Everything went as per itinerary.All the arrangements were as mentioned during the booking phase.Thank you seema and paint my trip for the wonderful trip.would surely recommend.
Arun Niranjan
Arun Niranjan

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