Top 10 best beaches to visit in India in 2020 for a holiday. If you are a beach lover this blog is for you. Beaches are one of the best creation of nature where you witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset meeting the sea. India’s coastal beauty will leave you amazed and astonished. Goa, Kerala, Andaman’s, etc have the best beaches in India. However, there are other places to consider as well. Here is a list of Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 you should definitely visit.

  • 1. Goa – When in doubt? Go Goa!

    One cannot really go wrong with India’s party capital. A place where people can be seen sunbathing, swimming, parasailing or relaxing in their hammocks sipping a cold beer all year round, Goa is my first pick. In fact, Goa is the best place to kick-start your beach blast in advance with Sunburn Goa this December! Sunburn is when a conglomerate of party mongers and DJs from all over the world get together at the Candolim beach for the grandest New Year beach party. Late night parties, hypnotic music and people dancing away; Sunburn exponentially increases the fun quotient.

    Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 Beaches of Goa

  • 2. Havelock islands, Andaman – Sparkling white sand, turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs and a calmness that fills the air. Add to this, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, elephant rides and a lot more – your ideal beach holiday this New Year is ready! Havelock in Andaman promises a pleasant and highly rejuvenating holiday where celebration comes from being one with nature. The Radhanagar and Elephant beaches are the best places to go for a swim in the warm water and enjoy water sports. Seeking a break from your metropolitan lifestyle? Havelock is must on your Beach Holidays list. 

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 

  • 3. Kovalam, Kerala – The most developed of Kerala’s beaches, Kovalam is located not far from Trivandrum. It’s made up of two coves — Hawa (also referred to as Eve’s beach) and Lighthouse. Lighthouse is the biggest of the two, with its promenade lined with open-air restaurants. The lighthouse atop this beach provides fantastic views, especially at sunset. In addition, it’s something of interesting for kids to learn about. Kovalam is also one of the best beaches in India for surfing, and there are water sports too.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 

  • 4. Marari, Kerala – 

    Kerala and its exotic beauty is an open secret. This vibrant state draws tourists from over the world who readily succumb to its magnificence. This time round, visit the lesser known treasures in Kerala like Marari Beach in Alleppey district. A sleepy town brimming with beauty on all four sides, this town is your paradisiacal retreat from the world. In Marari, you can stay at the Marari Beach Resort, a lavish property that subtly blends modern day comforts and a range of recreational activities with surrounding natural beauty.

backwaters tour in Kerala 

  • 5. Gokarna. karnataka – 

    Gokarna is a small town in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka state. Gokarna is a Sanskrit word that literally means cow’s ear. In recent years the town has emerged as a popular domestic tourist attraction. It is also a famous Hindu pilgrimage city.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020

  • 6. Pondicherry – Pondicherry, with its pervasive French heritage, is a union territory on the coast of Tamil Nadu in east India that’s ideal for culture vultures. The historic French Quarter in town is a highlight, while nearby Auroville and Paradise beaches are great for swimming. Also check out the pristine beaches at Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal — also part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 

  • 7. Mahabalipuram – Clean, beautiful, sunbathed beaches, a string of restaurants offering fresh seafood preparations and a dash of cultural history, a holiday to Mahabalipuram will give you ultimate relaxation and culinary indulgence on the beach along with a sneak peek into this city’s rich culture.  Activities like windsurfing and swimming can also be enjoyed on a warm day at Mahabalipuram. A must-visit is the famous monolithic Pandava Rathas and Varaha Cave Temples that date back to the 7th century with scenes from Mahabharat sculpted from the rocks.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 

  • 8. Puri, Odhisa – Listed by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s most unusual beaches, Chandipur is unique in India for its disappearing sea. At low tide, twice a day, it recedes for up to five kilometers (3.1 miles)! This means you can explore the seabed, having fun chasing red crabs and collecting shells and driftwood. Chandipur is located in Odisha’s Baleswar district, just under four and a half hours north of capital Bhubaneshwar.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 

  • 9. Ganapatipule, Maharashtra – A tiny coastal town in Maharashtra, Ganpatipule has a grand beach, one of the most spectacular on the Konkan coast. The beach has distinctive red sand and shallow water, making it ideal for swimming. Ganpatipule can be visited en route to Ratnagiri and is just 35 kilometres from the famous Jaigad Fort, which offers a panoramic view of the sea and villages from the cliff. Ganpatipule is also famous for the Swaymbhu Ganesh temple where Lord Ganesh’s statue is believed to have originated from the ground.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020

  • 10. Agatti, Lakshwadeep – Agatti Island is a 7.6 km long island, situated on a coral atoll called Agatti atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India. Agatti does not have a bus facility from the mainland of India but the nearest place is Cochin, situated at a distance of 494 kms from Agatti. One can opt for the bus from across multiple destinations to Cochin and then choose either flight or cruise ship for further travel. One of the best beaches you will witness in India.

Top 10 beaches in India in 2020 Agatti islands