10 most pulsating activities at Bali

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Travelling can leave you speechless, then turns you into a story teller - Ibn Batuta If you are adventurous and love the heart throbbing outdoor activities, why not challenge your zeal.....

Travelling can leave you speechless, then turns you into a story teller – Ibn Batuta

If you are adventurous and love the heart throbbing outdoor activities, why not challenge your zeal to be a thrill lover with pulsating activities?

Here are the most adventurous and pulsating activities you can have in your holiday at Bali.

Flyboarding: Feel Like Hrithik Roshan In Bang Bang

Remember the Bollywood film Bang Bang? Hrithik Roshan rising up from the water and starting an action scene?Wanna experience that? Try out flyboarding at Nusa Dua for it’s one of the most thrilling adventures you can have! Feel like a superstar!

Invented by a French jet-ski champion, Franky Zapata, the flyboard  combines a surfing board and a Jet Ski motor. There is a boot attached to it which you’d be wearing toshoot into the air with an immense pressure of water ejecting from the nozzles below the surfing boat.

There’s nothing to worry regarding this thrilling activity. Even if you are new as there will be guides helping and staying with you all the time.

Cliff Jump: Jump off a cliff, dive into a deep blue sea and feel free 

Mahana Point, a small bar located on a cliff top in Nusa Ceningan, gives its customers a chance to do a cliff jump

Cliff jumping with a great speed into the deep blue sea is always the best adventure you can have. In Bali this is another activity that will make you sweat out of fun.

Canyoning: Undertake the jungle adventure

Wander deep into the narrow gorge with steep sides at the Balinese jungles, and explore your physical strength between cliffs and layers. Then swim in the river running between high rock layers.

Northern Bali is the best place for canyoning. Canyoning is like hanging in the midst of the mountains and waterfalls with rivers flowing down. It’s an amazing experience.

Rock Climbing: Explore Your Strength 

Apart from being rumoured to house some hair-raising secrets, Padang Padang Beach is fortified with tall rocks, so avid visitors and surfers rush here to rock climb. Rock climbing can be very interesting and activity of great strength.

Quad Biking

All Quad Biking tours are 100% off-road and start with a safety briefing, followed by 10 minutes training, then the real fun begins as you head off onto the trails. All the bikes are fully maintained by expert teams. Riding these fun machines, you will be able to splash through streams as well as climb inclines and enjoy spectacular views.

Free  diving 

Just like scuba diving, holdyour breath without the backup of breathing equipment and dive deep into the sea,This under water activity has become the one of the newest water-sports throughout the world. You can also have an adventure snorkelling in Bali because of its rich aquatic treasure.

Sanur Kite Surfing: Sail on the waves of the sea without a ship 

Combine surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics, paragliding and wakeboarding into one single activity. This is called Kite Surfing and is sure to drive you mad having fun with the waves of the sea.

Sanur is the island’s top surfing destination. So for Kitesurfing it is the best destination.

Water tubing: Race with the rapids

Bali has many stream canyons and rivers. The northern Payangan is one of the most untouched places in Bali where you can have very good water tubing.

A rapid flow, down the stream in the middle of the woods will make your heart beat faster and sweat with all the fun. It’s an amazing experience that will end up exposing your great brave heart.

You must be thinking, how water tubing is different from river rafting, right?

Well the answer to that is——— you’ll do river rafting with some other people with a big boat shaped tube, while in water tubing you will be totally alone in one doughnut shaped tube.

Water tubing is best option to have a heart throbbing adventure. So don’t think much, just get wet in Bali!

Paddle Surfing: Drift with the waves of the sea

A brand new water activity – ‘Stand Up Paddle’ or SUP is another activity that will take your heart out.

With a longer and wider surfboard, paddling in the water may look easy but actually needs core strength and balance. So it’s a great challenge to try out. Guides will be there with you to boost your confidence.

Best place for ‘Stand Up Paddle’ Surfing is Sannur.

The legendary, Laird Hamilton, known as the World’s Best Surfer also enjoyed paddle surfing in Sanur.

Paragliding: Gliding in the sky 

From April to October it’s ideal to paraglide. The place that would give you the best view through paragliding is Nusa Dua.

The outstanding view of mountains and the blue sea would touch your heart with memories that you’ll never forget.



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