When travelling for work, how often do you find yourself stepping off the plane and straight into a meeting. How do you spend your time in the air can make a drastic difference to how you feel once you land.

Whether you need space and privacy to make up for a lost work day, or peace and quite to recharge your batteries, flying first class enables you to arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed and ready for you day ahead. 

When you are in charge of booking the flight arrangements at work, the pressure is on to make sure you book the best seat, on the right flight for the lowest price.

Chakrr brings efficiency and expertise in finding the best deal to support your corporate travel bookings.

Corporate travel Booking by chakrr Corporate travel Bookings 

Flying regularly can be exhausting and stressful. Following these simple tips can help you make flight travel much more relaxing and enjoyable.

  1. Simplify your bookings. Being a frequent corporate travelers can be difficult at times to choose. Now there are number of options to choose from but at Chakrr, we assure the best price compared to other brands. 
  2. Join airline reward programs. Take advantage of regularly flying business and earn points on every flight you take.
  3. Use our app / website to help and make travel smoother. 
  4. Charge all your electronics before you fly, and remember to take adapter plugs appropriate for the city or the country you are visiting.
  5. Pack light. Travelling through an airport is much quicker when you just have a carry-on case, and you don’t risk losing your luggage.
  6. Maintain your routine. If you are a frequent corporate traveler you will be jet lagged. But following the time zones. Sleeping properly at their time zones could let you avoid this.

Business class tips for corporate travel by chakrr Travel in first Class

Because frequent travels can really take its toll on the body. Constantly changing time zones can leave you fatigued, airplane cabin pressure can make your skin dry and dull, and running between meetings and flight connections means you might not have time to eat properly. 

Follow these simple steps that will help you to take care of your health when you travel:

  1. Sleep – try to rest as much as possible while in the air, and adjust to the time schedules of the country you are traveling to, sleeping when it’s their night to help limit jet lag.
  2. Travel – first or business class. You will arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed and less stressed having been able to stretch your legs and even lie flat on long haul flights.
  3. Try to eat healthy – adjusting to the schedule of the country you are in, and including fruit and veg as much as possible. Add a side salad to your meal or have some fresh fruit/nuts on hand to gaze on in between meetings.
  4. Keep a bottle of water with you to make sure you stay hydrated.
  5. Make the most of the hotels gym and maintain your normal exercise routine. 

We partner with all major airlines that offer a first and business class service to achieve the best available rates for your corporate and Sme travel requirements, helping you to save money. To see how we can help you save on your next trip, request for a free quote

We know that travel plans change suddenly. That’s why we are on hand to help you with your changing flight needs 24/7