Bored of self quarantine? Well, you can have fun at home too. There are lot of things that can be enjoyed at home. This is a great time to invest your energy to something productive and innovative. Here are some of the interesting ideas to utilize your time while you are at home.

Corona virus may have crushed all your travel plans and put you in self isolation. It is necessary to do so to fight the virus. However, it does not mean that we have to be grieving about the situation. There are lot of things that you can do at home. Get your energy flowing like before and feel the vacay vibe right at home. 

To make yourself indulged in activities and creative things, we have listed down a few ideas that will not make you miss going out. Utilize your time and take your creativity to next level. Here are few exciting and useful ideas that you can do at home to make your quarantine interesting.

things to do at home during quarantine

5 things to do for holidays vibe at home:

  • 1. Create your recipe: Cook your favorite food from your favorite destination. This time will be a perfect time to brush up your cooking skills. While enjoying your self quarantine at home, get the holiday like feels by cooking your self your favorite dish from your most loved travel destination. Cook yourself a sumptuous meal. Something like smoked beans with barbecue sauce and mashed potato? or something Indian like Papdi Chaat? Try something new.
  • 2. Watch travel movies: This is the perfect time to utilize and binge watch your favorite movies. The most popular and favorite is Into the Wild. Enjoy these movies with your loved ones and friends. Get started with your series and best travel movies on Netflix, Prime and Hotstar.

watch movies at home during corona

  • 3. DIY activities and experiences: DIY projects are best for the people who are creative and love painting, etc. This is quite a good time to do so. So, what if you are not at the ebach or hills? You can draw them or paint them. Utilize your time in being creative and innovative. Use your time towards productivity. 
  • 4. Learn a new language: This is the perfect time to learn a new language. This might also help you when you are traveling to some place where the language is spoken. Learn some phrases and words so that you can use it when you visit the country. There are many apps that will help you to do so. Try Duolingo app. Like you can learn french if you are planning to go to Europe anytime soon.
  • 5. Learn a new skill: Indulge yourself into some new activities. Learn something that you always wanted to learn but didn’t have time. This is the time to utilize to enhance your skills. Have you ever wanted to learn guitar? If yes then start learning one, there are many YouTube videos from where you can sit at home and learn everything.
  • 6. Bonus* Plan your future itinerary: It’s not the end of the world. People will resume traveling as soon as this gets over. Self quarantine will be over soon and all your pending travel plans will resume. So you can plan and keep your itinerary ready while you are enjoying your holidays at home.