Top 10 things to do in Rajasthan

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Get yourself engrossed in loving the beauty of Rajasthan with its culture and heritage. The place where you can be more than just a visitor or a tourist will welcome....
palaces and forts of Rajasthan

Get yourself engrossed in loving the beauty of Rajasthan with its culture and heritage. The place where you can be more than just a visitor or a tourist will welcome with all the surprises that you will remember for a lifetime. Starting from a camel ride to other palpitating activities Rajasthan will never let you be bored, instead would leave you with refreshing memories.

We have listed 10 must do things in Rajasthan apart from shopping and hopping:

1.     Zip Lining: Travel Between The Two Cliffs

Adventure is always our priority when we go for a tour. An activity like Zip Lining would be an option that you would never want to miss. Zip lining is an awesome adventure which involves traveling from one cliff to another with some amazing view of the forts and greeneries when you look down. There are two forts in Rajasthan where you can go for this activity and have a marvelous view. These are Neemrana – the getaway near Delhi and Mehrangarh – at a small distance from Udaipur.

2.     Safaris : Start Your Journey With Wild Life and End With Mesmerizing Thar Desert

Rajasthan is a place where you can have almost all types of Safaris like Wild Life Safari, Camel Safari, Majestic Elephants and  Desert Safari.  Observe the wild predators roaming around you with a royal look that is both spine chilling and adorable. Then have a look at the culture of Rajasthan sitting on the back of the camels and traveling through the sand dunes of the desert, with the camels all decked and adorned.

Meanwhile, the elephant ride promises to uplift you just like the royal kings and queens of Rajasthan in medieval times. The desert safari navigates and meanders through the sands and desert dunes and your driving skills are put to test. Its fun and frolic, with varied emotions and something you and your family will cherish through the pictureque photographs.

Now let’s know about the safaris in more detail.

Wild Life Safari
Some of the best wildlife and bird sanctuaries in India can be found here in Rajasthan. The best places are Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo National Park, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Starting from tigers to wild birds you’ll enjoy observing the wild behaviors of so many creatures that Rajasthan has to offer.

Camel Safari
In Rajasthan, one of the best Camel safari adventures is at Pushkar and Jaisalmer. This gives you the opportunity to explore the myriad architectures that Rajasthan has to offer.

Majestic Elephant Safari
Wanna feel royal like the Rajput kings and queens?   Love the beauty of  Rajasthan sitting on the back of the Elephant, feeling yourself more royal and elegant in the Nahargarh biological park at Jaipur.

3.     Horse Riding: Feel the “Royal” India

A grand place will always have grand ways of welcoming the tourists. Having a tour of Pushkar on the back of a horse on the lanes and bygone backstreets of Pushkar, you will be reminded of majestic India with the culture in full flow.

4.     Poni Riding For Kids: Make Your Kids Have A Royal Experience

It is an awesome opportunity for kids to experience the feeling to ride a pony around the lakeside. The ideal place to have this ride is Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. Your kids would enjoy the ride from one end of the lake to the other with  mesmerizing views of Rajasthan.

5.     Hot Air Balloon Ride: Dream Indeed Comes True

Touch the sky and feel the air around you, see the sun moving along with you. One of the most breath taking activity in Rajasthan you can have is the hot air balloon ride. The marvelous view of the land of Rajasthan and flying above the sky, touching the clouds and feeling the presence of yourself along with your partner or family will make your dreams come true. What else can you think of when you can get such an opportunity? There three places in Rajasthan where you would have this memorable experience. They are Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Ranthambore.

6.     Experience the Taste Of Chokhi Dhani: The Authentic Taste Of Rajasthan

You will acquaint yourself with the term ‘Atithi Deva Bhava’  in Chokhi Dhani. They treat the guest as someone who resides in their heart with great respect. Talking about the ambiance, it’s awesome with royalty.  You’ll be able to enjoy folk songs and dances right here along with the delicious Rajasthani recipes and accompaniments.

7.     Be a spectator of Rajasthani Culture: Kalbeliyan Music, Gypsy Snake Dance & Puppet Show

The Rajasthani culture surrounds a lot of high traditional skills and legends of India. You would never want to miss the uniqueness embedded in this place.

Kalbeliyan Music & Gypsy Snake Dance
The nomadic tribe of Rajasthan  Kalbeliya perform some of the most enchanting music and dance in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Observe the bravery of Kalbeliya men who make the snake withdraw its fangs. On the other side Kalbeliya women dance to the Kalbeliyan music. The unique culture of Rajasthan will leave you with goosebumps to say the least.

Puppet Show
At Jaipur, you’ll find the show of puppets made out of woods and decorated with printed fabrics.  The show plays mainly the stories of royal kinsmen which will take you back to the royal Rajasthan and you’ll get to know so many legends which are still in the hearts of the people of Rajasthan.

8.     Speed Boat Ride: Splash the water of the lake of Rajasthan

At Fateh Prakash Lake,  Udaipur, you’ll be thrilled to know that speed boat ride is also available. You can set yourself free and have a speedy ride with the air and water splashing your face.  In the hot weather of Rajasthan, speedboat ride would provide that cooling effect and a feeling like never before.

9.     Trekking At Mount Abu: Feel the nature at Rajasthan by your foot.

Mount Abu with its seventeen nature trails and pathways is an ideal place in Rajasthan to have trekking for the landscape. The natural origins are so heart touching. A desert with the lush green forest is a unique concept that you’ll find here. There are so many activities that you can do while the trekking – like rock climbing, rappelling, wild life, bird observation and discovery of Rajput culture.

10.  Visit The Unseen Places: Chittor, Bundi & Bhangarh

Chittor or Chittorgarh is a place of great historical importance. It has India’s most royal architecture which you will never forget once you visit. There are so many beautiful attractions which will take at least a day to cover up. But a place like this is worth it.

Bundi is another place of great historical importance. It is known for its beautiful architecture that includes murals and the great history of Hadotti and Chauhan rivalry.

Bhangarh is one of the most haunted places in the world.  The cursed ruin is a place of great adventure that you can go for, provided it’s not when the sun can’t be seen. It is said that this place is supposed to be left before dark. Visit the place but make sure you sleep tight and well at night!

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