Ultimate Guide to Goa

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What comes to your mind when you think of Goa? Probably the sun-kissed sandy beaches, relaxed shacks, thrilling water sports, romantic cruises, Sunburn music festival, and lip-smacking seafood.
Best places to visit in Goa- Goa travel guide

What comes to your mind when you think of Goa? Probably the sun-kissed sandy beaches, relaxed shacks, thrilling water sports, romantic cruises, Sunburn music festival, and lip-smacking seafood. Also, the dazzling nightlife and buzzing flea market lure travelers from all over the world. Goa is a place of long-established Portuguese architecture, beach break, and tranquility. Goa has a rich history and vibrant culture. Goa, being the smallest state of India doesn’t stop it from being the most devoted populated places in the country. Our Goa travel guide will give you a whole new level of traveling experiences.

Goa beaches - Goa travel guide
Beautiful Goa

What is the ideal time to visit Goa?

Before planning your trip the most important thing is to check the weather predictions. The ideal time to visit Goa is during winters i.e. from October to February. Note that during these months it is fully populated by tourists from all over the world so pre-book your tickets and stays. March to May is hot and humid in Goa. Those who love to get a tan can visit in summers. Monsoon stretches from June and ends in September. Rains are moderately high due to which most of the shacks and beaches are shut. This is the off-season hence, it is free from the crowd and everything is cheaper.

How to arrive at Goa?

How to reach Goa - Goa travel guide
How to reach Goa – Goa travel guide

Goa is effectively connected to all major cities of India via air, railway, and roads. The Dabolim airport has daily flights from all major suburbs of India. It is the same for the Indian railways too. There are a lot of buses that operate in all major cities to Goa. If you’re planning to visit Goa by road then NH4A, NH17, NH17A, NH17B, and NH748 are the highways you should choose for depending on your place of commencement. The transport system has been maintained very well since it is the coveted destination that has tourists from all over the world.

Also, read about the Top 15 beaches you must visit in Goa.

Where to stay in Goa?

So my resort Goa - travel guide
So my Resort Goa

Goa has all kinds of stays depending on your budget and type of traveler you are. If you are a backpacker traveler then hostels would be suitable for your stay. If you are traveling with family, couple or friends, hotels and resorts would be the best. Here is a list of best resorts and hotels in Goa at an affordable budget:

• Maizon Lake view resort

• So my resort

• Mateus Boutique hotel

• La Maison Fontainhas

• Happy panda hostel

• Folklore hostel

• Woke hostel

Why Goa is the party capital of India?

There is no doubt why Goa is called the party capital of India. It is the magical place where the party never ends and the sun never sets. Plenty of bars and restaurants are found in every other street of Goa as it is the most admired tourist station. Nightlife in Goa is alluring. It is regarded as the dream destination of many foreign tourists. Because of which most of the Russians and other foreigners spend at least 3-4 months in Goa on their visit to India. Nightclubbing and rave parties are held on beaches, shacks, and pubs. Liquor and seafood of Goa are available anywhere.

Goa travel guide
Sunsets of Goa

Festivals of Goa:

Goa is a land of festivals, and celebrations here are a way of life. Some of the famous festivals are Carnivals, which is witnessed by a lot of people every year. Other popular festivals in Goa are Shigmotsav (14-day festival linked to Holi) – the spring festival which happens in March, Shivaratri and Diwali. Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Goa with great zeal and enthusiasm. Hence, It is also known for one of the best destinations of India to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Best beaches of Goa:

Goa is popular for its picturesque beaches. There are numerous beaches in the South and North of Goa. Beaches in North Goa are usually crowded with people. South Goa beaches have a little crowd. Here is a list of the best beaches of Goa for family, couples or groups.

North Goa beaches:

• Baga

• Candolim

• Calangute

• Anjuna

• Vagator

• Morjim

• Arambol

South Goa beaches:

• Agonda

• Cola

• Benaulim

• Majorda

• Arrosim

• Querim

• Palolem

Basilica of Bom jesis- Goa travel guide
Basilica of Bom Jesus

Apart from beaches, you can moreover explore other beautiful places of Goa such as:

• Basilica of Bom Jesus

• Fort Aguada

• Fort Chapora

• Saturday night market

• Casino

• Mandovi River Cruise

• Grand island tour

• Dona Poula

Also, try out some thrilling water sports activities like Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Parasailing, kayaking, etc.

Where to eat in Goa?

Goa has some of the fabulous places to hog.
Foodies would love these places. Therefore, do not miss these places when visiting Goa.

• Baba Au Rhum in Anjuna, North Goa

• Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim, South Goa

• Bean me up in Vagator, North Goa

• Thalassa in Siolim, North Goa

• The Fishermans Wharf, South Goa

• Brittos in Baga, North Goa

• Sublime in Morjim, North Goa

Goa food- goa travel guide
A bowl of happiness

What to eat in Goa?

Goa offers a variety of cuisine that satisfies the food cravings of a lot of different taste buds. Here is a list of famous vegetarian and non-vegetarian Goan dishes that you should try.

• Chicken Cafreal

• Non veg Xacuti

• Veg Xacuti

• Mushroom Tonak

• Khat khate (vegetable stew)

• Bebinca – dessert (pudding)

• Fonna Kadi

• Goan Fish Curry and Nevri

• Squid Fry

• Pork Vindaloo

• Prawn Balchao

• Rava fried fish

• Sanna

Goa is not just about beaches it is beyond it. With the abundance of casinos, water sports activities and nightlife, it is the Las Vegas of India. Take a stroll to the Fontainhas that is known for its narrow lanes and colorful Portuguese villas. It is in the capital city, Panaji that lies on the southern bank of Mandovi River. The best way to explore Panaji is on foot as you get to experience the vibes of the old goa.

If you haven’t visited Goa yet, you are missing out on the fun. Plan out your holiday with this guide! Also, check out our amazing deals for Goa tour packages

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