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It will be our endeavour to update the customer related queries from time to time. You will also find a lot of information in our blog section.

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How do I cancel / reschedule my bookings ??

To cancel / reschedule your ticket offline, call chakrr Customer Care on 8088 807 807 or write an email to For offline cancellation of domestic flights a standard charge of Rs. 250 per person per sector, over and above the airline’s own cancellation charge will apply. For international flight bookings, a standard fee of Rs. 500 per person would be charged, over and above the airline’s own cancellation charge.

What are the cancellation/amendment charges?

Cancellation and/or amendment of airline tickets are at all times subject to fees/charges/levies/payments as may be levied or may be payable to the relevant airline/carrier in accordance with such relevant airline/carrier cancellation/refund policy. Prior to booking tickets, you must acquaint yourself with the relevant airline/carrier cancellation/refund policy with respect to the ticket to be booked. Any cancellation/amendment fees/charges/levies/payments levied by/payable to the relevant airline shall be to your account. 

The customer must read individual airline specific terms and conditions in order to find out if the ticket proposed to be booked/purchased is subject to any additional cancellation fee or charge and Chakrr assumes no liability whatsoever in this regard.

How do I get a refund after cancelling my ticket?

The refund will be processed within 15-20 working days from the date of the cancellation request. If we have received the payment through a valid credit card, then the same will be refunded to your credit card. Payments made using any other form of payment will be refunded by cheque / online transfer within a maximum of 30 days from date of receipt of ticket. All refunds shall be processed subject to processing of refunds by the respective airline/service provider.

Please note convenience fee charged at the time of booking will not be refundable.

How do I cancel my Holiday Package?

You can call us at 7676768768 or mail at Also do refer to the Cancellation/ Refund Policies to know more.

What are the no-show charges for Domestic and International flights?

For no-show on domestic flights, Chakrr will charge Rs. 250 per person per sector as standard no-show charges, over and above the airline’s own cancellation charge will apply. Please note, in case of no show, the no show charges as well as cancellation charges will apply as per the airline policy.

What is the maximum number of seats that can be booked ?

A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travellers you will have to re-do the booking process for the additional travellers. Additionally, you can also write to for further assistance.

How do I know my flight / hotel reservation was booked?

You will receive an email on the confirmation of your booking.

Do I need to confirm my flight / hotel reservation?

There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you need any information or assistance, call our customer service team at 8088 807 807 and the get required information.

Why did the fare change at purchase time? uses a real-time reservation database, the same used by travel agents worldwide that lists actual ticket prices and availability. As airlines fill flights or change fares, the database immediately reflects those changes. Always be sure to double-check prices when reserving or purchasing tickets, as the fare may have changed since you first searched for fares or created your itinerary.

How do I get my e-ticket details?

Your e- ticket details will be sent to the email address provided by you at the time of booking. If you do not receive your e-ticket within 8 hours of making your booking with, please call our Customer Care Representative on 8088 807 807 shall not be liable if customers do not comply with this requirement.

Do we need passport details when booking an International ticket?

Yes, you need to have the passport details handy when booking an International ticket. The details required are: Passport Number / Issuing Country / Date of Birth (DD/MMM/YY) / Gender / Expiry date of Passport (DD/MMM/YY) / Lastname/ Surname of traveller / First name/ Given name of traveller.

What is a Booking ID

A booking ID is the System created unique number assigned to your booking. This becomes the reference Number through which you can Edit or Cancel your booking. While contacting us for a particular Booking, always use its Booking’s ID as reference for quick assistance.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number given to passengers in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to produce the unique confirmation number at the airport airline counter to claim the e-ticket.

Is it necessary to carry my e-ticket with me?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to carry a copy of your e-ticket as sent by In the event that you fail to present a copy of your e-ticket, OTA Pvt Ltd. will not be held responsible if the Airline does not issue a boarding pass/ disallows you from travelling.

How will I get my boarding pass for an e-Ticket?

You need to show your e-ticket confirmation email and e-ticket along with a photo identity proof (passport, driver’s license etc.) at the airline check-in counter. Thereafter the airline representative will issue your boarding pass.

How can I amend my Flight / Hotel Booking?

Please contact our customer service centre at 8088 807 807 or write to us on

Is my credit card information secure?

We make every effort to keep all your personal information, including your credit card number, secure. uses the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is the gold standard for transmission over the internet. As you enter your credit card number, SSL encodes it so it is transmitted in a format that prevents eavesdropping or data theft. Once received by our secure server, your credit card number is never transmitted over the internet again.

Under what name will my purchase be charged on the credit card statement?

Your Purchase will be charged under OTA Pvt Ltd.

What’s is a CVV number?

It is the last three digits that appear on the signing strip at the back of your debit or credit card.

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Some handy tips before you depart

You can contact us 24×7 even when you are in the middle of your trip for any assistance. You get a dedicated manager when you book a holiday with us!

  1. Check-in online with a preferred seat as this saves time at the airport. 
  2. Check if you want to upgrade to next higher cabin. This can be done through the airlines miles program.
  3. You may book your car transfer, Insurance and hotel with us to make your trip smooth.  
  1. Do not pack more than the wieght/size allowed. 
  2. Do not carry items which are not permitted (ask us for the full list)

Ask us for a non-nonsense free guide which provide a lot of travelling tips.

You can check our youtube channel for videos related to travelling tips.

We provide a dedicated relationship manager when you purchase a holiday package with us. The relationship manager will be on call 24 x 7 for any help all through your journey.