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Located on the East coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai has been one of the fastest growing cities in the world and now acts as a business hub for global trade and innovation. It also happens to be one of the most populated cities in the UAE. The city boasts not just its monetary wealth but also the wealth of its Arabic culture and heritage. The unique amalgamation of business and leisure attracts people from all walks of life to this extravagant city.

Millions of visitors’ flock to Dubai for its serene deserts and beaches, extravagant hotels and shopping complexes, culture and heritage and also for the endless business opportunities that it offers.


“United Arab Emirates dirham’ is the official currency of Dubai and is often abbreviated as AED on the currency exchanges and as Dhs or DH in the local transactions.

The currency notes are available in denominations of

  • 5 AED (color: brown)
  • 10 AED (color: green)
  • 20 AED (color: bluish green)
  • 50 AED (color: purple)
  • 100 AED (color: red)
  • 200 AED (color: brown)
  • 500 AED (color: blue)
  • 1000 AED (color: green)

A general word of advice would be to carry smaller denomination notes with you as it might be difficult to get change for larger notes. Especially when you are paying for your taxis or buying something at a convenience store.

It is fairly easy to convert your currency to Dirhams in Dubai as the market is regulated tightly. A simple tip to get better exchange rates would be to exchange a small amount of money at the airport just to cover up for basic expenses like taxi fare and food and then exchange the remaining of your money once you reach the city.


Different criteria have to be met by people from different nationalities in order to get a VISA to enter Dubai.

The following are the different types of Visas’ that you can apply for:

The visit visa can be applied by tourists who are going to stay in the UAE for over 14 days either to meet family or for business. They can apply for the ‘short term visit visa’ if the stay is for 30 days or for the ‘long term visit visa’ which is valid for 90 days. Both the short term and the long-term visit visas are non-renewable. A certain deposit has to be made before entry on behalf of the visitor which is reimbursed once he/she exits the country


The official language of Dubai is Arabic which is used in verbal and written contexts locally, in legal systems and government offices. Being a global business hub, you can easily get by having used just English because close to 70% of the people are expatriates in the city. You would definitely be more welcomed if you could converse in the local dialect.




The peak season in Dubai starts somewhere from late Autumn and lasts through early parts of Spring. The hotel prices are at their highest during this time and so are the number of tourists visiting the city. The weather during this time is pleasant and allows you to explore and experience a variety of outdoor activities. The skies are clear with ample sunshine and the temperature begins to drop towards the evenings making the weather pleasant. You might also experience short and sudden downpours during this time.

September -October:

Summer in Dubai starts during the month of May. The temperature during this time ranges from 20-38 degrees Celsius. You can expect the weather to be hot but definitely not as hot as during the peak of summer. Due to the temperature, the water is slightly warmer during these seasons which makes it ideal to go swimming and there isn’t as much crowd as compared to the peak seasons of tourists so you will experience more quiet and calmer beach sides. Also, the prices for accommodation are considerably lower due to the decline in the inflow of tourists.


By June, the temperature in Dubai hits the peak of summer. As the weather becomes unpleasant due to the high levels of humidity and scorching heat. The price of accommodation is also reduced. Hotels often offer special discounts or coupons during these months to attract customer to them.

If you want to visit the beach early mornings would be the most ideal time as the scorching temperatures later during the day making it impossible to step out. Also drinking and smoking is banned in public with the onset of Ramadan due to which many restaurants and cafes are generally closed during the day.


Here is a list of some of the most popular events in Dubai:


 This month-long festival attracts over two million tourists every year. Most of the shops in Dubai participate in the festival and there are events like concerts, performances, fireworks and more to keep the guests entertained.


A 3-day annual music event which is staged at the ‘Dubai Media City’ attracts many Jazz lovers from the world over. It is one of the lengthiest music festivals in UAE which generally is star-studded along with an international line-up.


The art festival is conducted to display works of art from the middle east and surrounding regions. It encourages the visitor to interact with art and culture and move the conversation outside of mainstream art galleries


Promising a treat for your taste buds. the Festival of Taste is an amalgamation of food, drink, and music. The 3-day event hosts some of the world’s most well-known and reputed chefs and restaurants across the globe. The main part of the event is the experience of watching live cooking shows and the opportunity to cook with some of the famous chefs.


One of the largest textiles shows in the Middle East. The Motexha Textile show platforms some of the best textiles and fabrics from across the region. Tourists come to the show to shop and explore the wide range of exotic fabrics that are put up for display.



Being titled as the worlds tallest building. The Burj Khalifa is a must visit for everyone who sets foot in Dubai. The view of the city from the building’s 124th  floor is unparallel.


The Burj al Arab is one of the most popular landmarks of Dubai and one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The hotel is a must visit just for its sheer beauty and extravagance.


The road to this picture-perfect beach is lined up with some of the most exquisite hotels of Dubai. The beach is popular for its picturesque views and romantic sunsets.


The ‘Mall of The Emirates’ is equipped with everything under one roof. There are so many places to eat, shop and rejuvenate so that you can shop some more. The mall also has an indoor Ski set up and it even houses a penguin enclosure.


An epitome of Arabic architecture the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, which hosts the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents takes us through the history of Dubai.


A popular amusement park placed right in front of the Burj Khalifa, has more than 25 different types of fun-filled rides. The park is generally filled with families of tourists who are on vacation and want to beat the summer heat.


one of the most romantic places in Dubai. The creek cuts through the city and was created by natural seawater.  To enjoy the picturesque view of the city tourists can take a boat ride to the port nearby


Extravagant gold jewelry, woven fabrics, traditionally made fragrances and local quick bites– if that sounds interesting then do visit the Souks of Dubai.


Located at the Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, the Aquarium allows you to experience varied activities, such as shark diving, glass bottom boat tours, cage snorkeling, and exploring the underwater zoo


Ibn Battuta is the largest themed mall in the world, It has over 270 shops, over 50 restaurants, and a mammoth 4500 square feet parking space. The architecture of the Mall is awe inspiring.


Explore the deserts of Dubai as you journey through it in some of the most adventurous modes of transport.


The Ferrari themed amusement park which as founded in 2010 attracts visitors as it offers not just the opportunity to ride a Ferrari but also to shop and indulge


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Global village and Miracle Garden tour in Dubai

Global Village and Miracle Garden

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Global Village | Miracle Garden | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

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IMG world of Adventure Park in Dubai

IMG World of Adventure

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | IMG World Of Adventure | Jumeriah Mosque | Jumeriah Beach | Palm Jumeriah | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

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Dubai With Dolphinarium Tour

Dubai With Dolphinarium Tour

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Jumeriah Mosque | Jumeriah Beach | Palm Jumeriah | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show | Dolphanrium Tour

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Aqua venture Water park in Dubai

Aqua venture Water Park with Lost Chambers Aquarium

[5 Nights / 6 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Bruj Khalifa | Aquaventure Water Park | Lost Chambers Aquarium | Abu Dhabi | Deseret Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

Seller: chakrr.com


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Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Wild Wadi Water Park | Jumeriah Mosque | Jumeriah Beach | Palm Jumeriah | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

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Mall of Emirates

Mall of Emirates And Snow Park

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Mall Of Emirates | Snow Park | Jumeriah Mosque | Jumeriah Beach | Palm Jumeriah | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

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Dubai holiday packages

Dubai With Burj Khalifa

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Burj Khalifa | Desert Safari

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Shopping in Dubai

Dashing Dubai

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Dhow Cruise | Jumeriah Mosque | Jumeriah Beach | Palm Jumeriah | Desert Safari | Dune Bashing | Belly Dance | Tanoura Show

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City & Atlantis, Dubai, ideal time to visit Dubai

City & Atlantis, Dubai

[4 Nights / 5 Days]

Dubai | Bur Dubai | DFC | Al Qussais | Mirdiff | IMG World | Marvel Super Heros | Cartoon Network Characters | IBN Battuata Mall

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family trip to Dubai

Family Fun Dubai

[5 Nights / 6 Days]

Dubai | Burjuman | Shindhaga Tunnel | Dolphinarium Show | IMG Worlds | Dubai Snow Park

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