1. Paying online using your card.  

When you use Visa and Master Card payments through our website, they are processed through an online payment gateway system. chakrr.com uses a highly secured payment gateway where the card transaction is authorized directly without any information passing through us. Following this your bank will issue, using the online payment gateway, an authorization code and confirmation of completion of transaction. The process takes about 20-30 secs to complete on this secure channel.

chakrr.com uses 128 bit encryption technology and other sophisticated methods to protect your credit card information. Your booking also goes through SSL encryption which is the internet standard for secure transaction processing. Therefore, this method is safer than using your card at the supermarket because paintmytrtip.com does not retain your credit card details in its system or sub-systems.

If your card is declined for any reason by the payment gateway, please get in touch with us through our call centre at 80 88 807 807.

Please note that chakrr.com charges a nominal service fee on all airline bookings. Subsequently if there is a cancellation then this service fee is non-refundable.

2. Net Banking

You can process net banking transaction through several authorised and leading banks in India if you have an account with them. The order amount will be automatically debited from your bank account. chakrr.com processes payments through an online gateway system which enables safe and secure transactions.

3. Confirmation of Transaction

All approved transactions will receive a confirmation. For confirmations to be received by email, any non-receipt of confirmation within the stipulated period of time, then kindly check your “spam” or “junk” folder to verify that it has not been misdirected.

If you are unable to trace the confirmation then please contact our call centre.

4. Amendment and Cancellation policy

To amend/cancel your ticket, please call our Customer Care on 80 88 807 807 or write to us at support@chakrr.com. The ‘My booking’ page provides a list of bookings done by you as a ready reference.

Fee structure (cancellation):

Domestic: Rs. 400 per person per sector over and above airline’s own cancellation charge

International: Rs. 900 per person over and above airline’s own cancellation charge

Fee structure (amendment):

Domestic: Rs. 250 per person per sector as standard rescheduling charges.

International: Rs. 350 per person as standard rescheduling charges.

Standard no-show charge of Rs. 100 per person per sector applies.

Please refer to airline specific amendment and cancellation policy while using chakrr.com services.  You may be required to directly contact the nearest airline office of the concerned airline for your amendment and cancellation.

Cancellation and/or amendment of airline tickets are at all times subject to fees/charges/levies/payments as may be levied or may be payable to the relevant airline/carrier in accordance with such relevant airline/carrier cancellation/refund policy. Prior to booking tickets, you must acquaint yourself with the relevant airline/carrier cancellation/refund policy with respect to the ticket to be booked. Any cancellation/amendment fees/charges/levies/payments levied by/payable to the relevant airline shall be to your account.

The customer must read individual airline specific terms and conditions in order to find out if the ticket proposed to be booked / purchased is subject to any additional cancelation fee or charge and chakrr.com assumes no liability in the regard.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, it is mandatory to contact chakrr for refunds and the airline will route the refund for your tickets booked on the website, through chakrr. In case of lost or damaged tickets, the refund process cannot be initiated with the airline. Refunds would be through cheque or demand draft.

In case you avail the website’s hotel reservation service and are, thereafter, not contactable on the contact details provided, then the hotel reservation selected by you will stand cancelled and chakrr would not be liable for any charges/expenses incurred by you, either directly or indirectly in this regard.

5. Refund after cancellation

The refund shall be processed within 15-20 working days from the date of the cancellation request (some airlines may take longer). If we have received the payment through a valid credit card, then the same will be refunded to your credit card. Payments made using any other form of payment will be refunded by cheque once the refund has been received from the airline. All refunds shall be processed subject to processing of refunds by the respective airline / service provider. .

Please note convenience/service fee charged at the time of booking will not be refundable.

6. Promotional Codes.

chakrr generates promotion codes from time to time which can be availed on the site as a discount voucher / coupon. chakrr.com reserves the right to add, alter, modify, withdraw all or any of the Terms and Conditions or replace, wholly or in part, the program by any other program, whether similar to this program or not or withdraw it altogether without any prior notice.

In case of dispute with any party, chakrr.com’s decision will be binding and final.

When you register with chakrr.com, we or any of our partners/affiliate/group companies may contact you from time to time to provide the offers/information of such products/services that we believe may benefit you.